“BioGrow Seed is the collaboration of experienced breeders and seed managers.

The BIOGROW LIFESCIENCE took the decision to establish BioGrow Seed to meet the challenge of sourcing sustainable quality varieties. This is achieved through a wide network of secure partnerships with independent seed breeders and seed breeding companies. BioGrow Seed is focused on collecting varieties according to grower requirements, supported through on farm trials under the conditions unique to that grower’s environment.

The BIOGROW LIFESCIENCE is a multinational holding company founded in 2001, with the vision of contributing to genuine solutions to the daily challenges of food production. The BIOGROW LIFESCIENCE achieves this through its own R&D and innovation development from first-hand experience in the field. The end results improve agricultural production in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We are a Corporation that works with the spirit of a large family, which has allowed us to develop a team of professionals, who integrate multidisciplinary skills, from on farm to research centres, through to production.

Committed to the constant search for excellence, we have grown thanks to the passion to innovate and explore new opportunities in horticulture and livestock.

Today, BioGrow is present throughout Eurasia, The Americas and Oceania.”

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To become one of the world's most important seed suppliers with a sustainable success.


To deliver the world's best seeds to producers around the world.


Because we are innovative! Because we are experts! Because we are sowing the future! We develop innovative products which respect our environment. Our products have been developed from practical experience coupled with dedicated R&D. We deliver safer and smarter technological solutions to help farmers pass on a sustainable and responsible stewardship of their land and Environment.

BioGrow Seed México Ricardo Méndez Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex. Mobil: +52 33 19765069 ricardo.mendez@biogrowseed.com
Biogrow Seed USA by Biogrow USA Felipe Diaz Atascadero, Ca 93423 USA Mobil: +56 9 6648 9845 felipe.diaz@biogrow.cl
Biogrow Seed by BioGrow Argentina S.A. Juan Petri Buenos Aires – Argentina Mobil: +549 11 3914 0847 juan.petri@biogrow.com.ar
BioGrow Seed Canada Tyler Clark Leamington Ontario Canada Mobil: +1 (226) 348 7545 tyler.clark@biogrowseed.com
Biogrow Seed Peru by Biogrow Peru José Antonio del Aguila Lima / Peru Mobil: +51 945 568 410 ja.delaguila@biogrow.com.pe
Biogrow Seed Latin America by Biogrow Latam Arsenio De La Torre Santiago / Chile Mobil: +56 9 9826 2252 arsenio.delatorre@biogrow.cl
Biogrow Seed Australia by Biogrow Australia Geoff Jones Wheelers Hill Vic 3150 Australia Mobil: +61 419 168 650 geoff@biogrow.com.au
Biogrow Seed Brazil by Biogrow Brazil Ltda. Valinhos SP / Brazil Alejandro Gesswein Mobil: +55 11 964380404 alejandro.gesswein@biogrow.com.br
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